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World Business Aircraft Completion Consultant Services Inc., (W-BACCS ) is a Canadian company based in Montreal, Quebec, it specializes in managing and coordinating aircraft completions. WBACS offers a comprehensive package of services to its clientele, including consultation, negotiation & acquisition, customization/outfitting, pre & post acquisition support services in French, English and Arabic.

The main clientele consists of business owners and professionals across a variety of economic sectors for both personal and professional usage that are looking for turn-key and post purchase support. W-BACCS is in a sound position to represent and protect its clients’ interests in its transactions with various suppliers. W-BACCS will ensure that all the necessary steps are taken from the beginning stages of purchase to the time when a client takes delivery of the final product.

WBACCS's independence and specialization in cabin-class jets Bombardier Global Express, Challenger 604, etc.,) greatly benefits any acquirer or either new or pre-owned aircraft in this category. 

Whether a client is exploring the possibility of purchasing an aircraft, in the midst of a transaction or searching for potential customers or business networks in the realm of aerospace, W-BACCS will help open the doors and provide its clients with access to important markets in Europe and North America. This expertise encompasses such services in areas of financing, research, project specifications, concept, potential aircraft suppliers/builders, and the list goes on.

I am the founding President of the W-BACCS . I decided to establish my own company after a 15 year career at Bombardier, one of Canada’s premier aviation innovator, in order to better serve the specific clientele I had served for years and wish to continue to serve – individuals seeking to purchase business aircraft.

World Business Aircraft Consultant Services Inc., would be pleased to serve you and provide you with its knowledge, expertise and experience in an area that is very specialized and fairly complicated. Our service will help ease your mind in a process that can be onerous and very expensive. Let us help you overcome the many hurdles.

Salim Saati,
President of W-BACCS





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